Upgrade your database by yourself ?

Use the below command, on the machine where your database is hosted

python <(curl -s https://upgrade.odoo.com/upgrade) test -d <your db name> -t <target version>

The above command will dump your database to a file, then send it to the upgrade platform for upgrade, displaying you the live logs, then restore the upgraded database back to your server, to a duplicate, test, database.

Everything automatically, as long as you have a regular, not complicated, setup.

As you see live logs, you may be able to fix issues faster than us!
For Odoo.sh users: the above command is currently not supported on Odoo.sh. What should I do?

The above is too technical?

Don't worry, you can still upload your database using this form.


If you do not have upgrade scripts specific to your database in the previous platform, you can use this current platform.
However, if you do have specific scripts in the previous platform, you should continue and finish your ongoing upgrade on the legacy upgrade platform. To know if you have specific upgrade scripts in the previous platform, just fill your contract and odoo version below:

It should be something like M1912345678.
Your current Odoo version, used by your production database.

The above command is indeed currently not supported on Odoo.sh. Use the upload form, following the instructions described in the documentation . Later this year, the Odoo.sh team will develop a tool to ease the upgrade process for Odoo.sh databases.

The Odoo Upgrade platform uses the same Privacy Policy as the rest of Odoo.com services.

Your data is hosted on servers that follow our security guidelines, namely:

  • SSL - All web connections to client instances are protected with 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS with a 2048-bit modulus SSL certificate), and running behind Grade A SSL stacks. All our certificates chains are using SHA-2 already.
  • Safe System - Our servers are running recent Linux distribution with up-to-date security patches, with firewall and intrusion counter-measures (not disclosed for obvious reasons).

Servers are located at the same locations as our Cloud providers with the following services:

  • Restricted perimeter, physically accessed by authorized data center employees only
  • Physical access control with security badges or biometrical security
  • Security cameras monitoring the data center locations 24/7
  • Security personnel on site 24/7

The uploaded and migrated databases uploaded to the Upgrade platform are kept for up to 3 months and are permanently deleted following that period.

You can learn more about privacy and data handling at Odoo by visting our Global Data Protection Regulation page.