You want to try upgrading to Odoo 14.0?

Just do it.

Use the below command, on the machine where your database is hosted

python <(curl -s test -d <your db name> -t 14.0 -c <your subscription code>

Use this beta upgrade platform as a preview.
This is only for test purposes. You must not use this beta upgrade platform for a production upgrade, not even for an earlier version than Odoo 14.0.

While in beta, we do not provide support regarding the use of this platform nor the upgrade to Odoo 14.0.
No need to create ticket to report your issue: We are actively monitoring them and resolve them one at a time.

For users: we know the above command line doesn't work because of restrictions regarding the use of the command pg_dump.
Later this year, we will provide an easier integration to upgrade databases from and Odoo Online.
In the mean time, if you want to give a try to the beta upgrade, you need to download your dump from the web interface, restore the dump on a local postgresql server running on your machine, and then run the above command.

What does it do?

The above command will dump your database to a file, then send it to the upgrade platform for upgrade, displaying you the live logs, then restore the upgraded database back to your server, to a duplicate, test, database.

Everything automatically, as long as  you have a regular, not complicated, setup.

The above is too technical? Don't worry, we will publish a regular, simple, website form to upload your database dump archive later this year.

Currently, this beta platform is an answer to our partners and technical users, who desperately want technical feedback (logs) during their database upgrade, hence the technical command line.